BeanApproved - Colour-Me-Moochi-Bag by Moocachoo

BeanApproved - Colour-Me-Moochi-Bag by Moocachoo

Press play to watch this epic moochi video (It's directly bellow this heading... wink*)

Long-ass December holidays are just around the corner... What you gonna do?

December is just around the corner mama bear... 9 weeks 'til christmas? (Don't say I didn't warn you)

That time of the year where our pockets are empty and our children are bored! 

Well.. I may have something that could help buy you a few days/day of sanity - depending on how fast your kids can colour... but I mean... once its coloured in it makes a really cool beach/play mat which you'll hopefully be doing a lot of these upcoming holidays... Serves two purposes? I think that's pretty legit!

How can I purchase/buy this colour-me-moochi mat/bag?

Easy... Here's the link

Oooooo... and I've just seen that they stock Jaq Jaq Bird too! Remember that dustless and mess-free chalk? Yeah! You can purchase that set same time! (Check out our previous video here to see it in action or purchase it directly from Moocachoo here )


PS : Bean doesn't have leprosy, just attacked by mosquitos xD

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