#BeanApproved -Jonestown

#BeanApproved -Jonestown


Your quick SHOO-GUIDE :

  • Unisex design! WHOOP WHOOP!
  • No-fuss velcro straps! (For the mom who hates laces)
  • Only available as a hard sole! I recommend hard soles for walking babies, but if you've still got a newly born marshmallow or crawler these soft soles are similar in colour and pretty cute too ...  "Starlight - Forever Blue"
  • Crafted out of Shooshoos's signature buttery soft leather! 
  • Best paired with something in denim... 

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Following the Bean is a two-part team consisting of 1 x superhero Mom and 1 x model-extraordinaire Bean. Mom (aka Catherine Basson), a professional photographer by day and Bean-blogger by night has 3 years of fashion-knowledge sneakily tucked under her belt while Bean (aka Rebecca Aaliyah Alexander Basson) is a part time baby and full time model.