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BeanApproved - Protein Pancakes

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BeanApproved - Protein Pancakes

Oh.. You 'cook' now?

So it seems you guys love the unconventional lets-try-keep-the-kids-healthy recipes! 87% of our Instagram followers voted YES for more!


I had to laugh…

Not long after I had posted the initial almond flour mini muffin recipe my husband drops an “Oh you cook now?”



Umm… yaaah!? Like… for people who appreciate almond flour and sugar substitutes i.e.: not you!



Ok, I sound like a wife-troll.

I’m not really; I just don’t know how to make all the fancy stuff; apple crumble and lemon meringues, so I buy them…

I think that’s still ok, right?

You know, Let the pro’s do what they do best?


I’ll just stick to me blender (winks*)


Shit, Getting off topic here!


Right, PROTEIN PANCAKES! (Or flapjacks, I don’t know the difference)


This recipe is an adaption from Toned and Tru
If you’d like to see their original diary free / gluten free version click here




1 x sachet of instant jungle oats (50g)

2 x medium eggs

1 x 100g tub of full cream plain yoghurt (I used the Woolworths one)

2 Tbsp. of xylitol

Pinch of salt

¼ Tsp. organic coconut oil to line the cooking pan




Place all ingredients into blender.

Blend until pancake batter is formed (my mixture was quite runny)

Place mixture onto preheated pan (medium heat)

I poured out mini sized pancakes, as you’ll see in the bellow photographs, I find Bean prefers bite size portions.

Flip over when they start to bubble or check to see if they’ve turned to a golden colour.

If they’re black, you burnt them *LOL

But if you’re making mini pancakes there should be enough mixture to start again!

See I have the amateur mom chef at heart!

Once both sides are golden, you’re done and ready to eat! 

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