#MamaCathApproved - LAUPRENE

#MamaCathApproved - LAUPRENE

This review is long overdue – it has taken me FOREVER to upload. The thing is, I am a human being… things happen, and life gets in the way. Sometimes your life gets shaken up and tossed out like the messy contents of a handbag. Divorce, finding a new place to live, letting go of what was, accepting what is. Doubting myself, my worth… all that shitty stuff that comes with what feels like the ultimate rejection. Anyway… this is not a post about my divorce, but I do want to show you something I LOVE! That, to me, is something worth making time for. I value my readers, so sharing great quality products with YOU that’s worth your CASH-DOLLAR-MONEY-BUCKS is a nice distraction from the messy contents inside my bag (I’m trying to be all metaphorical, did it work?)


Meet Lauprene, the new-age mom-on-the-go, nappy, laptop, beach, gym - whatever you need it to be - lifestyle bag.


I know I say nappy bag, but I would only recommend this for moms with kids older than 18-months. You know, the babies that don’t necessarily need the contents of your entire home, 5 wardrobe changes, enough blankets to build a fort and half the kitchen packed up in the bag before you leave the house. This is more the kind of bag you want when you need to grab a few nappies, the ever essential wet wipes and a bottle.


Don’t get me wrong, there is actually enough space to do the whole shebang if you really want to, I just consider myself a bit of a “nappy-bag expert” after years of hands-on experience. I personally think if you tried to fit the kitchen sink, you may have a little issue with the lack of stability in the bag. The reason I say that is because the bags are made from a wetsuit-like fabric called neoprene – super durable, waterproof and pretty to look at while being lightweight and easy to manage.


What I LOVE about the bag:


1.     The Look – It’s super trendy looking and I feel like it’s a bag people WILL ask you where you got it from. If you’re a mom who likes to step out in athleisure or rocking a pair of jeans and a tee, I think this Lauprene is a great outfit companion.

2.     The versatility – You can totally ‘#MomLife’ for the day, carting nappies and all the totally non-glam items that comes with the job without anyone knowing. I personally love using mine for gym and the beach. The bag has a unique ‘unbuttoning’ system which I’ll show you in the photo’s bellow. It allows you to create more space to fit more stuff inside! I don’t know about you but I love me a bag of size! SIZE DOES MATTER! Trust me.

3.     Price point – Most bags that I fall in love with are usually over the 2k mark. I have expensive taste, it is both a blessing and a curse. I am, however, happy to share that Lauprene is not in that price category! They range from R850 – R950 which I think is pretty responsible pricing for something of this size and versatility. Also, you would be supporting a local brand – which is priceless.

4.     Adjustable sizing – It’s hard to explain this feature in words so I’m hoping the little video bellow displays it better…


So is this bag #MamaCathApproved? YES!


I’m giving you the link to go have a look at all the colours available… www.lauprene.co.za


My personal favourite colour ways :

Metallic Black

Marle Grey

Shop here 

Shop here 





I would love to hear your thoughts on the bag, please leave them in the comments below? What bag are you currently using and which features do you look for in the perfect bag?



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