#BeanApproved - PIA Skirt by Sophie

#BeanApproved - PIA Skirt by Sophie

It's fun, it's flirtatious and it's #BeanApproved

If it's #BeanApproved than you know its worth the purchase and I mean, how can you turn your nose up at this skirt when it's only R200? OK shipping is NOT included but take it from someone who knows, that is an extremely reasonable price tag for the quality of product you will be receiving!

How can i purchase this skirt?

Easy... SOPHIE is what we're calling a Facebook/INSTA store, so no actual online website (yet) but you can send a direct message to any of their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) or email them directly with the name of the item/s you wish to purchase.
Pretty easy right?
Man, don't complain! 
I've provided the freaking links bellow and you already know the quality is good - trust me! XD

PS : This skirt is called "PIA", size range ages 1-9, price may vary accordingly)

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sophieconstantia/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sophieconstantia/

Email : sophieconstantia@gmail.com

All my love 

Mama Cath

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