Comfort Pure Cover Star

Comfort Pure Cover Star
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I literally get inboxes on a weekly basis asking me..

"CATH!!! How can I get my child into child modelling?"
"My daughter/son is GORGEOUS! How can I get him/her into magazines like you and Bean..."

Well my friends... Here's your opportunity! 

Want to be on the cover of Living and Loving Magazine? 

Kay... first we need to say thank you to Comfort Zone South Africa for making this competition possible!

Then what you need to do is...

1. Go to our Facebook page and share this post (CLICK HERE)

2. Click the link below 🙂to full out your details and submit your pictures!

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Enter HERE :

Following the Bean is a two-part team consisting of 1 x superhero Mom and 1 x model-extraordinaire Bean. Mom (aka Catherine Basson), a professional photographer by day and Bean-blogger by night has 3 years of fashion-knowledge sneakily tucked under her belt while Bean (aka Rebecca Aaliyah Alexander Basson) is a part time baby and full time model.