Motherhood should not be shameful!

Motherhood should not be shameful!

Let’s just get one thing straight: motherhood should not be shameful.


Actually, it’s fucking hard. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve second-guessed my decision to enter motherhood… on several occasions.


You know, those late nights where I have cream cheese on my computer screen, and socks in the toilet bowl. Then, of course, there are the contents of my kitchen cupboards displayed on the floor and I cannot possibly bring myself to clean it all up (third time round)… Quite frankly, there have been many times when I could kill! If not my child, then pretty much anything or anyone that crosses my path. Husbands, dogs, friends, and even strangers who just don’t get it. Ugh.


To top it off, Bean only passes out at around 10:30pm and wakes again at 3 am demanding a bottle of tea. Come 6am, Monday morning, I am tired but so relieved to take her to school! It’s basically the only 4 hours of solace I have to piece my sanity back together.


My question is: why are moms so afraid to admit this? School rocks! Children suck, periodically… Does that make me a bad parent for admitting it?


Do I love my child any less?


Do I need my time to get my shit together?



The bottom line: Don’t be ashamed of doing what you need to do to remain human. Don’t forget about the things that keep you in touch with yourself. It’s one of the reasons why so many women lose themselves in the midst of all the things that make them “mom”. Remember, you were “you”, before you became a mother.


Empower yourself and be a true Mama With Influence. This means admitting that there are things you wish you didn’t think or feel but you do and that’s ok!

No really, I’m telling you that it’s OK!


This is one of the reasons why I created Mama With Influence. So that it could become a community of women who are real about the struggles of motherhood - who provide each other with support and strength. Even if it’s only to get through the next 24 hours…




You got this, girl. Most importantly, you’re doing the best you can.


All my love Cath


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