"I've never really had a strict grocery budget..."

I should probably start by saying that I’ve never really had a strict ‘grocery’ budget... Both hubby and I actually… Nothing to be proud of I can assure you!

We’ve sadly lived off of a “We’ll purchase it when we need it” mentality.

I say ‘sadly’ because I now see it as money we could’ve been saving...

Well... ‘Possibly’ been saving as this is the first time we’ve actually TRIED to implement some kind of ‘budgeting’ strategy.
The hashtag... #LifeGoal of trying to ‘Shop’ and ‘Live’ Smarter’.

So how does one actually begin a life of ‘Shopping Smart’...

 I have no idea xD… but MAKRO and BULK SHOPPING comes to mind instantly sooo that’s where I went and this is what I found…. (Possibly an uneducated assumption but have you ever heard MAKRO strung in a sentence that didn't include MASSIVE SAVINGS or WORTH THE TRIP... xD

6 things I learnt whilst trying to #ShopSmarter at MAKRO

1. You have to buy bulk to save. When I say bulk I mean like 6 bottles of Domestos, 6 bottles of Handy Andy, 6 packets of SKIP washing powder and so on… On a positive note.. You’re NEVER going to have to shop the detergents' isle EVER AGAIN! JOKES! but at least for a while...
HOWEVER, it is important to note that, when buying bulk the total check out  price is initially HIGH so it's not ideal for a family who doesn't have large amounts of cash on hand or in their bank accounts during the month... AND, Please don't forget this but, you need a place to store this STUFF Not every household is equipped to store 5 THOUSAND bottles of sunlight soap! I know ours isn't which is why I'm very grateful for the back flat!

2. Makro is like Dischem. If you're not careful, you will end up buying shit that you REALLY don’t need. It's a trap!
I"m pretty sure both stores spray some kind of ‘BUY ME’ drug in the air which distracts one from their intended SHOPPPING LIST...

Luckily I had mine written down beforehand and solemnly swore to stick to my paper before walking down those tempting/misleading lanes..
The Candy/Chocolate isle is THE DEVIL I tell you!

3. Please take your own reusable packets. On top of trying to live a ‘budgeted’ lifestyle I am also trying to live a ‘less wastage’ life... Yes, I do own my own reusable shopping bags and yes, I did leave them at home and yes, I did walk out Makro without buying plastic bags even though I needed them and yes, I did struggle to unpack 20 thousand bottles of Domestos and Handy Andy single handily in and out of my car.
So just a reminder... PACK YOUR DARN REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS!!! (You're welcome)

4. As I mentioned above, when it comes to bulk shopping the initial payout is HIGH. IF you’re not in a position to spend 1500-2500k in one shop - don’t do it.

5. Even though I only did a ‘detergent shop’ I love the idea of being able to shop food, electronics, clothes, hardware items, stationary, even fitness supps (who’da thunk) all in one place… YAY, Makro, YAY, specials in every department, YAY,  Cath likes convenience and savings!

6. You can download the MAKRO brochure online at home before going shopping! (Learnt this from one of our awesome Instagram followers @niki_cilliers who kindly inboxed us). IE you can check out their SPECIALS BEFOREHAND to see if the trek is actually worth YOUR time. (Thanks Niki)

So what exactly did I buy and how much did I spend?

As I mentioned above I just went in to attack the detergent isles so nothing too exciting to report back BUT, I have attached some pictures and my til slip for you to peruse…

How do YOU 'Shop Smart?'

What are YOUR secret shops/tips/tricks/APPS you can share with the rest of us Mama Bears to help SAVE during the month…

Comment below…

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