Depression and Anxiety - A hunt for eternal happiness

Depression and Anxiety - A hunt for eternal happiness

WHAT AM I FEELING RIGHT NOW - A hunt for eternal happiness...👊🏻

Would you believe it that I’m not happy everyday? I’ve had some extreme lows this year that consisted of crippling anxiety... Feelings of hopelessness and pessimism... feeling worthless... helpless... loss of interest in things I use to love doing... decreased energy... difficulty concentrating... insomnia... even thoughts of death and suicide... Yes... there are days where I feel these things... Sometimes all of them at once..
I don’t actually know... Some say depression is circumstantial and others say it’s a chemical imbalance...
Is it curable? I’d like to think yes...
Every case is different but I’d like to share 5 ways on how I’ve been trying to combat my own.. After all.. this year has been one hell of a roller coaster!
1. Take total responsibility of what is going on within NOW - forget about everything else and simply ask yourself “what am I feeling NOW”. You need to be aware of the negativity/unhappiness going on inside of you in order to take ‘healing action’. Also take note of the voices inside your head that ‘justify’ these feelings. For me... being continuously aware of how I feel in ‘the now’ allows me to navigate out of bad ‘spaces’ quite quickly.

Ok... Sometimes NOT but it has helped to at least start the process of ‘unpacking’ how I feel and devising a plan of action to deal with it. 

Awareness = psychological freedom. This awareness allows you to CHOOSE happiness and peace over the vicious control dramas of the ego. Ego is such a killer for happiness.. I think that’s why #Buddhists are such peaceful/happy humans.. They remove the word “I”, that’s the ego, and remove “want”, that’s desire, because happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have NOW...

Gosh I’m going down a rabbit hole here but I hope I'm making some sort of sense?!

In a nut shell you can’t find yourself or ‘happiness’ by looking in the past or future. You find it in the NOW by being completely present and aware of your own feelings and CHOOSING happiness. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE


Random example... 2 days ago I was extremely unhappy, initially had no idea why. So I got in my car and just drove... No particular destination in mind I just needed a ‘free’ quiet space to unpack my emotions. I thought about my day... I was feeling anxious because of how inconsistent my home life has been over the past 4 months. Even though things have now settled, there is this underlying fear of another BOMB looming, waiting to explode on my doorstep. 

SO... fear/anxiety = unhappy Cath - cool. 
Got that.
Already starting to feel better because I’ve at least identified the root.

So next step... what can I do about it?
Sadly - not much. For me, right now, only time will heal but what I CAN do is CHOOSE happiness.
How do I do that in this present moment?
Be GRATEFUL for everything that I ALREADY have.
My children are happy and healthy, I’m ‘healthy’, my husband is home, I have a beautiful and safe place to live, I have friends and family that love and care about me, the sun is shinning and the grass is actually pretty green outside my window 😅 ...Through these thoughts my happy cup slowly starts to fill... and that my friends is how CHOOSING happiness starts.
Be in tune with how you feel and be grateful for everything that you’ve ALREADY got. .

...The next few points are pretty straight forward and simple 🤣 .

2. Exercise

3. A balanced Diet .

4. Wine! JOKES xD That’s not really going to heal anything LONG TERM but I have on occasion used it as a temporary fix. #Guilty .

5. Friends and Family. I have this really bad habit of isolating myself when Im depressed so I have to consciously force myself to get out and see the people that I love and care about and visa versa...
So yah.. that’s me ... there’s a few more points I could add but these are MY BIGGIES. ☝🏻Number 1 and 5 have been the hardest to practice but I'm getting better...

All my love...
Mama Cath



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