Cath Beth - An update from me - March 2019

Cath Beth - An update from me - March 2019

Life, love and all the rest… (post divorce)

I know I know… It’s late!


I said Sunday it’s now Tuesday.


Flip. I’m a woman of my word but I’m also a women/mom/entrepreneur trying to keep a float with everything that I’ve got going on!


Things are BOOMING through content marketing za! Just signed on two new videogrpahers/photographers Caleb and Ridhwaan… They’re new to my circles but their work is INCREDIBLE! They’re also just two flippen cool dudes who have the same appreciation for quality and simplicity like I do. I’m all about building an empire around like minded individuals, I think it’s SO important.


Any who… Update on me, from me xD (as promised)


Divorce – All sorted and processed. Ex and I are on amicable terms now ie we no longer shit sling and/or try verbally abuse one another… I speak for myself here but I’m honestly at peace with everything that went down and can now see (a year later) that it was for the best. He’s happy (when he doesn’t have to pay me xD) I’m happy and Rebecca is happy… that’s all we could really ask for.  


Love life – I’m not going to go into detail here just yet but I’m sure I’ll be able to give you a full spec update in the near future ;) 


Rebecca – As I’ve mentioned above she’s happy. She’s finally settled down into both homes I believe. She is loving school and is no longer showing any signs of separation anxiety which is AWESOME. It’s taken about a year but we are so blessed that she is finally settled.  


Work – Well I can’t complain here either. I am very grateful to have a loyal fan base who feel safe and confident enough to invest in the services I offer through content marketing. Aside from the agency I will launching an ecommerce store later on this year dedicated  to #CathApproved items. I honestly just feel like there’s a space in the market for someone brave enough to say “this is shit” and “this is worth your money” something I’ve managed to unintentionally gain a reputation for. 


Hmmm what else is there….


The Book – Yes the highly anticipated #GettingADivirceGirl book. Gosh I’m sad to say it won’t be happening. It’s funny… A year later so much of how I see/ saw my divorce and what/how it went down has changed. 

Reasons for not publishing…

1.     If I had to release what I’ve already written I’d be opening up myself to further questioning and don’t really want to go back there.

2.     I’d have my exes lawyer up my ass SO fast! Let’s just say I’ve been enjoying the peace and laywer free life xD


Divorce is shit guys, relationships are complicated. 

All I’m going to say is that it takes two people to fix AND break down a marriage. 

My marriage had a toxic foundation, not because of one person in particular, we both played a role.


If the base is not solid the break down is inevitable.

We were too young, too impulsive and got married without actually knowing one another (we were married off of the back end of a break up AND within 8 months of ‘knowing’ each other)


The shitty ending was a culmination of two broken people. We met broken, we ended broken. 


The trick now (for me anyway) and what I’ve been doing for the past year is to find love and happiness within myself. Never again will I get into a relationship half a person. I will be whole. Actually, I am now whole – I think. xD


Ok my lovelies… That’s it from me for now.


If you have any questions feel free to pop them below. My life and heart is an open book.


All my love





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